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Things We Saw Today: People From Those “Sh*thole Countries” Trump Was Referring to Are Sharing Their Stories

I’m a future Doctor.
I’m a medical student.
I have 3 degrees.
I speak 3 languages.
I‘m published in Psych-Oncology.
I’m a member of Zeta Phi Beta.
I’m from a #ShitHole country! 🇸🇸

— Señorita 🌸 (@AF_ROdisiac) January 12, 2018

After Donald Trump reportedly made ignorant-ass racist comments about not wanting immigrants from “shithole countries”–specifically Haiti and African countries–people from those places have some words for him. They’ve been sharing their stories and their accomplishments on Twitter. (via BuzzFeed)

I’m a future clinical psychologist.
A student & mother.
Active youth advocate.
President of a youth organization.
Certified Peer support/mental heath specialist.
Speaks 2 languages.
And I’m from a #ShitHole country

— Nyaliep (@nyapapiya) January 12, 2018

-First generation to come to the USA
-First in my family to finish college (May 2018)
-Future broadcast journalist#REALNEWS
-Future network Mogul
-CSULB National Association of Black Journalists co-president
-Future philanthropist
…from a #ShitholeCountry 🇸🇸

— sarafina (@MissLokonobei) January 12, 2018

– First generation Sudanese In America
-First to child of six to graduate college (September 2019 )
-future Business woman & talk show host
-Content Creator
– Example to many families & people all over
From a #ShitholeCountry #shitholecountries

— Guyé B.❥ (@Guyefurula) January 12, 2018

Oh, and please let’s not forget:

Worth noting that today is Alexander Hamilton’s Birthday – you know, the immigrant kid who came from the shithole of Nevis to create the USA

— John Avlon (@JohnAvlon) January 12, 2018

  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend wants to remind you that “fit, hot guys have problems, too.” They just need to dance out their feelings but hey, don’t look at them. They’re not dancing for you. (via E! News)
  • In an awesome, necessary, and upsettingly rare move, Australia’s female rugby players will now be paid the same as their male counterparts. (via Quartz)
  • This Black Panther jewelry line–designed by a black woman, BTW–is incredible. (via Wear Your Voice)
  • So you think Tessa Thompson is excited that her depiction of Valkyrie is making her way into the comics?

when you find out she’s in the comics—

— Tessa Thompson (@TessaThompson_x) January 12, 2018

  • Sexual harassment and assault are huge problems in academia. That’s not new information, of course, but survivors are sharing their stories, showing just how widespread the issue is and how damaging it can be to students’ futures. (via Hello Giggles)

What did you all see out there this Friday, pups?


— Aaron Linde (@aaronlinde) January 12, 2018

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