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11 things you say that will automatically ruin your chances in a job interview

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• Some job interview errors are a bigger deal than others.

• Do your research and adopt a confident mindset in order to boost your chances of succeeding.

• But, whatever you do, don't make mistakes like cursing, dissing the company, and asking weird personal questions.

Nobody's perfect. You could be pro at job interviews, but there's always a chance you'll say something a bit off.

That won't necessarily sink your candidacy, though. Your qualifications and endearing personality might just carry you over.

That is, unless you say something so bad that you completely wreck your chances.

Here are a few interview faux pas that could automatically disqualify you, unless you're really lucky:

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1. 'What does your company do?'

Questions like this will make you look like you don't even care enough to run a simple google search.

2. 'Are you married?/Are you pregnant?/etc.'

Never ask the interviewer any personal questions — or anything that could be offensive. It's just off-putting.

3. 'S---,' 'b----,' 'f---, ' etc.

Hey, everyone curses. It's better to hold off on the profanities in job interviews, though. That being said, letting out a curse word or two during a funny story might not be a nail in your coffin. Angrily swearing at someone (your interviewer or otherwise), on the other hand, would definitely knock you out of the running. This goes double for any offensive, racist, or sexist speech.


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