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Dog Dies In Hot Car In Salem Parking Garage; 2 Charged With Animal Cruelty

USA 5 days ago CBS Boston 0

SALEM (CBS) — Two people from New York were arrested after their French Bulldog was found dead in their car Sunday evening.

Brendan Bulfin, 38, and Courtney Casey, 28, were arrested and charged with cruelty to animals.

Transit Police They were called to the Salem Commuter Rail Parking Garage around 6:08 p.m. after reports of an injured dog inside a car.

Officers found the lifeless body of the three-year-old dog, Nigil, in the front passenger seat, and confirmed he was dead after contacting the owners to have them open the car.

Transit Police said Bulfin and Casey left the dog, which was initially fine, in the car for over five hours on the 73-degree day.

“Studies have shown on an average 75 degree day the temperature inside an enclosed vehicle will raise to 122 degrees in 1 hour,” Transit Police said in a statement.

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