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Georgina Chapman to receive $15-20 million in Harvey Weinstein divorce

Harvey Weinstein will be coughing up a hefty $15 to 20 million in his divorce from fashion designer Georgina Chapman, reports the New York Post.

The pair announced their split in October after Weinstein was met with early allegations of sexual assault and harassment, which now number over 100. They reportedly inked the agreement in December, marking almost exactly a year of marriage.

The former couple’s prenuptial agreement details that Weinstein must pay Chapman $300,000 in spousal support for each year of the marriage. After a decade, that will jump to $400,000, while Chapman will also be receiving a chunk of their marital assets.

Weinstein is worth an estimated $240 million, but that was before he began spending reported millions on a team of lawyers, private investigators and publicists since the scandal broke.

Chapman will also get primary custody of their two children, 7 and 4.

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